Sufferings…all over

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Sufferings…all over
« on: 23/11/2009 15:47:24 »
It’s a bad habit, we all know what the “it” is. But we won’t mind it as far we get bored out of using it. You may get pleasure from it, that’s a fact. Have you ever though about the problems it can bring to you.

Breathing is a process that makes us to live comfortably. The day we find problem with breathing, whatever the extent of the problem be, it’s the day we have the real suffering in life. Smoking won’t let to breathe properly. It creates cough problems, which increases the trouble of breathing.

Stop smoking drugs, realize that it’s the mere wastage of your hard earned money and health. Think of the effort that we put to earn each penny, think of the people who are awaiting you, who love you. Quit the habit, at least for their sake.

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Re: Sufferings…all over
« Reply #1 on: 23/11/2009 15:59:41 »
SPAM even if its a good cause


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Sufferings…all over
« Reply #2 on: 24/11/2009 09:15:26 »
Stop smoking drugs, realize that it’s the mere wastage of your hard earned money and health.

Stop telling people what to do and respect "Free Will".

Drug users are not wrong to be drug users, as long as they don't perform criminal acts like theft etc.
Most users do it to have a good time, and some take it too far and become addicted. It's their own responsibility to cure themselves. Information and sensibilization YES! Prohibition NO!

Nobody's telling you that you can't go watch a movie at the theaters or have a drink at the bar. Some people get addicted to televesion or computer games, and nobody cares...
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