Why do Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving?

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Why do Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving?
« on: 24/11/2009 21:14:39 »
I see Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday this year. I'm pretty sure it was a Thursday last year too. Hmmmm?

Anyway, I'll tell you why we eat turkeys. Because there's so blinking many of them, that's why! Around here, if we were not chomping our way through them on a regular basis, we would be up to our keesters in turkey poop. It's bad enough as it is, let me tell you.

Cheeky blighters! They copulate right in the middle of the road too. You have to drive round them. Once they get started, they won't stop for anything - ok, slight exaggeration - they will actually quit if you run over them.

It's them or us I tell you, and I think they might be winning.
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Why do Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving?
« Reply #1 on: 25/11/2009 00:47:46 »
LOL..LOL.. I love turkey dinner.... YUMMMY!!! SO GOOD!!!
Warm and deliciousand the aromas are so incredible makes my mouth water thinking about it... fruitsalad, Deep fried or Roasted turkey, Mashed Potatos and turkey gravy, fresh nice yeast dinner rolls Hot from the oven with butter and or honey... ummmm oh and cranberries sauce or jellied... YUMMY! PUMPKIN PIE with whipped creme and Hot apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream..  Fruited Jello and varieties of vegetables.. cranberry cornbread chestnut stuffing oh my...... LOL! My Thanksgiving dinner will be on Friday as the kids will spend Thanksgiving with their dad and Grandma.

Oh Turkey is really nice... in many many ways..

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