Designing a future vehicle

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Designing a future vehicle
« on: 30/09/2005 23:25:09 »
Being somewhat of a  transportation lover I like vehiclesof all descriptions, and have been quite interested in what our engineers and inventors have come up with over the years.
But probably the last serious attempt was Sinclair and his C5, a rather strange looking vehicle, though since we have had the Twike and the Segway, now these are quite specialised, but are they cost effective, do they last more than 5 years, given that the batteries are going to have to be replaced, will someone combine the best attributes of each a Segway being primarily a solo affair, and the Twike really a lightweight car with a pedal option.
But there was some research into a Vanadium battery, whereby the charged liquid was decanted back into the station and of course a new batch put back in, but have not heard anymore on the subject, could there be hybrid very small petro engiine driving a large generator to power the vehicle.



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Designing a future vehicle
« Reply #1 on: 08/08/2008 16:32:52 »
You are right, there is a means of using vanadium electrolyte in such a way as to be able to fill up a car as you would with petrol. Try a search on "redox energy storage". This method has been successfully used as industrial scale storage of energy as grid back-up etc. I understand though that the equipment required is too bulky for use in vehicles (except perhaps trains). However I live in hope that before much longer we will end our love affair with with pistons, cranks, cams, gearboxes etc. and move our vehicle technology into the 20th (sorry) 21st century.