Is the world of physics now incomprehensible?

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Is the world of physics now incomprehensible?
« Reply #50 on: 17/12/2009 23:00:41 »
Farsight I liked that paper too. It is a very interesting idea (Hubius Helix)even though it builds on something 'trapped' in a cavity as I understands it. The problem is that you also need to explain the idea of the cavity as well as the 'entrapment' of light but it did give me a lot of nice ideas. I think he may be closer to the truth than what we can see today.

As for if Science is becoming gibberish for us more 'unscientific'?
Well, Einstein said that if you can't explain it in words you're wrong.

And I agree.

So it seems to hang upon the imagination of those having their new revelations. To make it understandable.
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