What is the medical evidence that glyconutrients are beneficial?

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Lewis Taljaard

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Lewis Taljaard  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris,
I often listen to your slot on Redi's show and really enjoy it. Your knowledge and dedication to science is truly admirable!
I have a few medical conditions and have tried a few things over the past decade or so (outside traditional "chemical" treatments). I have an auto immune deficiency illness called Crohns, struggle with a few allergies and have a C6/C7 disk bulge which deteriorated the past 2 years.
Glyconutrients have been brought to my attention and I have done some initial research on this topic. As far as I can see there have been many studies on these essential "miracle sugars" (1 of many reference sites below) over the past decade, but has only entered into the public domain the last few years.
Are Glyconutrients as good as it is made to be? Are these 8 essential sugars really that important for the cells in our bodies? I know some of these nutrients are linked to network marketing companies, but I am only interested in the medical fact and application of the Glyconutrients and not the marketing side of it.
I am searching for something (in addition to a healthy diet and multivitamins) that will be able to eventually get me off or much less dependent on chronic "chemical" drugs.

I have an appointment with my specialist in a few weeks time and will also discuss this with him.
Your feedback and opinion will be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards
Lewis Taljaard

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Offline alanan

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I have always believed glyconutrients were an important ingredient in food but it is gard to get past the adverts. try the follwing site for a study perspective
newbielink:http://www.springerlink.com/content/g727328t42r36308/ [nonactive]