silly question time. would 3eyes be better than 2

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If someone was born with three eyes,would their brain be able to interperate the image presented, or would we need a third side to

our brains allowing the image to be processed seperatly to what comes through the other two.

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Re: silly question time. would 3eyes be better than 2
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What a spiffingly good question !..I wonder if there are indeed three-eyed people ?

If the third eye was functioning then I suspect the brain would be able to figure it out. It would give a completely unique perspective to your world.

Of course, it also depends where the third eye is !...and would certainly make buying sunglasses fun.....actually...probably not ![8D]

Apart from insects/spiders and the odd weird sea creature, it seems that two eyes is the preferred norm. I reckon we'd have to live in an unusual place for three eyes to be an evolution step.

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Men are the same as women, just inside out !