Can kangaroos digest grass without methane production?

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Visto Tutti  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello from South Australia!

So good that you will be visiting us down here, and no doubt enjoying the local wines.

With regard to chilled whites and room-temperature reds, I can testify from experience that whites are better chilled, as for the reds, well it depends what you mean by room-temperature, in summer when the day is hovering near 40 celsius, even a full bodied Merlot is served slightly chilled around here.

Red sky at night, a shepherds delight....

I too have heard this rhyme, but I must say that in southern Australia it is considered to be a load of old cobblers. Rain systems tend to come from the south (Antarctica) and hot dry air from the north (The Simpson desert), and high cloud tends to just pass right over the flat land of South Australia. Interesting to hear that there are some places in Europe where the old rhyme actually works!

My Question:

I was fascinated to learn recently that kangaroos turn grass into meat with the aid of very special gut bacteria that do not produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. 'Roos seem to offer the perfect solution to agricultural greenhouse emission reduction, so why is it that societies, especially the Australian one, are so obsessed with bovine meat production?

Is it just tradition, or are there any real barriers to more efficient meat production using kangaroos, or any other animal with high efficiency?

What do you think?


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Can kangaroos digest grass without methane production?
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