What is Turk's fluid and how it is used to calculate total leucocyte count?

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Hi friends,can you pls explain me what is Turk's fluid which is used in Total Leucocyte count.[?]And what is the function?

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Hi Suvaleen,

I know it's too late, and you probably found the answer somewhere else.
Turk's solution has a stain (gentian violet) plus acetic acid 6%:
diluting blood 1:20 with this solution, white cells' nuclei are more visible, stained in blue, red cells are destroyed by hypotonic solution plus acetic acid.
A drop can be placed in a fixed-volume glass "chamber" and observed under the microscope for counting and calculating white blood cell concentration.

...boring and time consuming method of the past: today we fortunately use automatic analyzers!  [8D]

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