What over the counter products can i use to remove skin tags?

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Would anyone know of over the counter products that i can purchase to remove skin tags?
 skin tags
remove skin tags
remove skin tags naturally
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Have you got the LED the right way round?
Also, if the motor spins at 1.2 V then spinning it that fast will only generate 1.2 Volts. That's not enough to run most LEDs
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Does the LED light up with different means? Meaning, is the LED functional? how much dos it take to light the LED? Can your motor/generator supply this much? Are the wire leads from your generator ( DC motor) working fine?
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The direction you spin the motor is significant: spinning in the other direction it will change the polarity.


[LEDs are polarity sensitive].


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Does the LED have a built in current limiting resistor? If not, you should put a resistor in series with the LED. Exceeding the maximum current will destroy the LED.

However, as Bored Chemist points out, 1.2V may be insufficient.

The motor does have a permanent magnet stator, right?

BTW, LEDs may not be as "simple" as you suspect. They are diodes, so they only allow current to flow in one direction, but they are not very good diodes, so if you "push it" they will break down. Also, because they are diodes, they have an extremely non-linear current to voltage response.

Perhaps your teacher is trying to get you to understand these things.
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