why oh why....do dog breeds differ so dramatically to other animals e.g cats?!

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Whilst thinking on the reasons for the different evolution between homo sapiens and other apes, I started thinking about the different breeds of dog.

And there seems to be a greater difference in the breeds of them than any other animal (mammals at least) I could think of.
cats for example, of course there are lots of breeds but you can always tell that they are a cat, to an alien dogs could be mistaken from anything from a bear to a horse to a small rat!
My friend pointed out that 'cats' come in lots of different shapes/sizes/looks in the form of lions/tigers etc but I think thats like comparing dogs to their relatives, wolves etc and though from the same 'family'not the same animal

I know dogs have been bred over the centuries for various purposes, but im sure many if not all animals kept by humans have been bred in some ways for our benefit, and dont seem to have the same wild variety dogs do!


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I wonder if dogs are just quite easy to breed?  They're certainly useful animals, so perhaps this is why they have been bred into a wider number of forms - cats are great for hunting rodents, but we haven't really bred them for much else.


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I think the greater difference between dog breeds vs cat breeds is simply due to the fact that mankind has been breeding dogs specifically for the purpose of making different breeds for a much longer period of time than any other animal.
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