How did this guy manage to get such good results when the BBC couldn't?

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Professor Brian J Ford took on the BBC's 'best brains' and got some really fantastic results using a single lens microscope reproducing work by Antony van Leeuwenhoek and Robert Brown - how did he manage to get such fantastic results when the BBC couldn't?

Hans Loncke, a Dutch enthusiast who makes replica Leeuwenhoek microscopes, provided instruments for the BBC to use. The Daily Telegraph reported an amusing exchange: ‘“What am I looking at here?” asked the presenter. “At the wrong side,” said Loncke, turning the microscope round

Some great images here too


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Probably something to do with him being something of an expert in the field of using this type of microscope when the microscopy cameramen/photographers that the BBC got in were only familiar with newer stuff.
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