Why does salt make the floor slippery?

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Steven King

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Why does salt make the floor slippery?
« on: 21/12/2009 19:30:02 »
Steven King asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello Chris,
My question concerns why the floors at my job are very slippery after a snow/ice storm.  I know they sprinkle salt outside to remove the ice, but why does that cause the hallways to be extremely slippery for days after the ice is gone outside?  They don't use cinders outside, only the sidewalk salt. The floors inside are dry, but very slippery.
Thank you for the great podcasts!
Steven King
Virginia USA

What do you think?
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Why does salt make the floor slippery?
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In a geological context, salt is a fantastic lubricant  - some of the thrust faulting that formed the European Alps propagated through halite (salt) beds...


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