Fedora 9 and Password Changing Commands in Rescue Mode?

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Hi, How do I change my password in Fedora 9. using rescue mode after such as "chpasswd"?



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Fedora 9 and Password Changing Commands in Rescue Mode?
« Reply #1 on: 06/02/2010 22:41:17 »
what kind of password?
Boot password?

"13.3.1. Forgotten GRUB Passwords

GRUB stores the password in encrypted form, so it cannot be read or recovered. If you forget the boot password, boot the system normally and then change the password entry in the /boot/grub/grub.conf file. If you cannot boot, you may be able to use the "rescue" mode on the first Fedora installation disc to reset the GRUB password.

Read this to see the default installation.
Fedora installation & GRUB password

If you do need to change the GRUB password, use the grub-md5-crypt utility. For information on using this utility, use the command man grub-md5-crypt in a terminal window to read the manual pages."

Otherwise just reinstall (if you have the disks) in 'advanced mode' and choose not to format your partitions, then your data will still be there even though you will have to install the programs you want again..


Or get a newer better supported version of Fedora
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