If I Inhale A Scent Through My Mouth, Am I tasting It Or Smelling It ?

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Dearest Peeps who know stuff,

As a sheepy I just luff to taste and smell stuff. Tasting and smelling is my all time favourite way to see what something smells and tastes like !

Look, here are some lips that are inhaling a scent :

Some Lips Inhaling
 A Scent Earlier Today

When inhaling a scent through the mouth are ewe tasting it or smelling it ?

Ewe see, it has been noticed that inhaling through the mouth gives different sensory results to smelling through the nose !

whajafink ?

hugs & shmishes

mwah mwah mwah !

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I think you are tasting also.. Permanent markers when inhaled through the lips or mouth taste like they smell. I can also taste them when inhaling through my nose.. I get the taste from the scent starting on the back of my tongue then moving up towards the middle of my tongue.. the taste is awful....

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