How do I get a Google search which is not biased by my previous searches ?

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Google appears to be recording my past searches and applying this data to prioritise my current searches.

I would rather search on Google without this “based on previous searches” bias being applied.

My browsers, (IE&FF, not Google chrome), delete all cookies when they are closed,
but Google still apparently knows what I searched for a few days or weeks ago.

So either there is a file on my computer with my Google searches stored on it,
or Google can identify my computer and have a record of the searches made using it.

Any way of getting an unbiased Google search ?,
e.g. deleting any Google “previous searches” file on my computer (if it exists), or Googling anonymously.
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I believe the answer is I know there is a file on my computer in Google that shows previous Google searches and additionally I believe Google and Bing's algorithms include a bias as they attempt to provide users with more relevant searches based on previous searches or interest however I can not be sure. Either way its a question of you use your browsers set ups and fine tuning you Google account to target your searches...if that make any sense.