What are the violent death histories of various countries?

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    • The History Of Violent Deaths
I have started a site called newbielink:http://www.violentdeathproject.com [nonactive] in order to compile a single rate to determine how dangerous different societies have been by year. So far I only have histories for the US, Australia, and Canada; but I'm going to add other countries consistently next year now that the site is up and running.

If anyone is interested enough to go beyond the charts and stuff I've put up to actually analyze the excel data I have available for download please do. I welcome the chance to change data or estimates I may have gotten wrong.

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newbielink:http://www.violentdeathproject.com [nonactive]


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What are the violent death histories of various countries?
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This is a topic I have ruminated about over the years. The one constant I have come up with is that large empires created by single dictators or cliques by force of personality never seem to last beyond the third generation. The obvious reason is that power is not transmitted through any sort of institution.

The big obvious examples are Alexander, Kublai Khan, and the Islamic Conquests. I believe all of these fell into disorganized fiefdoms at best within about one hundred years from the original successes. One might counter with the Roman Empire, but it would prove the rule.

Rome was a coherent civilization with both institutions and a continuous political social caste. Further, for almost the entire Republican and Imperial eras the citizenry of Rome was a power to be reckoned with in and of itself.  I just do not see The Hero Conquistadors on any continent taking much head of the citizenry.

I find it odd your death histories of various countries include Canada, Australia, and the US. None of these countries have had a death of any sort, either violent or otherwise.  In fact, the US has existed as a continuous and un-dead civilization for going on about 250 years.

Jeeze, I lose count of the countries that have ended violently in the 20th century alone. A number of them more then once.


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What are the violent death histories of various countries?
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I took a look at your criteria and defining death as you do there you have the beginning of a excellent resource. Although to me, if I asked myself the question, it would be "How likely is it that I, or my kids, are going to die before our 'natural' time." And then the suicides, diseases etc, would have to be counted in too.


This site might interest you.
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