Does a Galaxy have an electrical charge?

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Does a Galaxy have an electrical charge?
« on: 30/12/2009 23:53:48 »
Does a Galaxy have an electrical charge?  If so, it would have a natural tendency to repell other galaxies that have a similar charge.  This makes more sense to me than saying that Dark Energy is responsible for expansion of the Universe.  No one has ever proven that Dark Energy even exists.  I welcome comments.  Regards, Joe L. Ogan


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Does a Galaxy have an electrical charge?
« Reply #1 on: 31/12/2009 18:11:37 »
It seems likely to me that galaxies are charged but I'd expect their net charges to be very low.  I don't think there's any mechanism that would result in all galaxies having the same charge so while some might repel, others would attract, and on a nearly equal basis.
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