How does the Lactobacillus acidophilus supplement work exactly?

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First of all it appears that L. acid is initially cultured on whey before converted to pill form. When it's in the bottle and in the fridge do they just slow down their metabolism or do they basically hibernate waiting for a suitable environment? Seems like most would be destroyed in the stomach before reaching their destination, but then again it's not likely that all would be destroyed. Some would reach the intestines and that's basically enough. Hmmm maybe I answered my own questions. I'm sure someone could add or assist. Thank you. You'de think I'd be thinking of other more exciting things on New Years Day! Maybe my question is...Why am I such a dork?


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The pills are made from a process where they 'lyophilize' live bacteria by freezing them in a high vacuum where the cultures become dormant, once thawed (like when you ingest them) they will live and become active once again. Milk proteins are effective cryoprotectants (like glycerol) which will protect cells well against freezing damage like ice crystals etc.
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