Are Our Pairs Of Internal Organs The Same Specs.?..If Not, why not ?

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Dearest Organ Players,

As a sheepy I of course luff my internal organs. Internal organs are great...Take lungs for instance....Lungs are my all time favourite internal organs that do inhalation and exhalation type breathy stuff !

Look, here's a pair of real bona-fide lungs:

A REAL pair of lungs being lungy earlier today

I think I heard recently that lungs are are not identical !..that, one of them is bigger than the other ...why's that then ?...and what about other organs that are a kidneys ?...and brains ! (it's well known that blokes have a higher developed extra brain in their joy department ....girlies also have an extra brain but it's in their make-up kit!)

so, why are lungs different in size and does the same apply to other pairs of organs..and why ?

Ewe see, I would very much like to know the answer to this because it's a question that I have asked !...and what do points make ?..prizes....I mean what do questions make ?.........answers !!

Give me the prize of an answer and I'll reward ewe with a special gift of sheepy luff.

Hugs & shmsihes

mwah mwah mwah !

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But There's One That I Put Inside A Ewe !

Now THAT's kwality poemage and ewe know it

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Hi Neil

you heard correctly; paired organs are not necessarily mirror images of one another; the two halves of the brain may appear symmetrical when viewed externally, but a closer (and functional) look reveals significant differences between each side; the left lung is smaller than the right to accommodate the heart, which sits asymmetrically within the chest.

The bottom line is that paired organs effectively follow a genetic programme and develop independently of one another so there's no reason why two paired structures should be identical. As far as the developing body is concerned they are two independently-growing tissues.

Where asymmetry does exist this is a consequence of the way that the body is patterned right at the start of embryogenesis. Whilst still a flat sheet of cells, the developing embryo partitions itself into right and left halves and knows top from bottom; how, is a clever trick that was discovered only recently by Japanese scientists who showed that the beating of cilia (hairs) in one direction preferentially sets up a gradient of growth factors to which cells respond, determining left and right.

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Wow!! Thats amazing!!

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human cells have cilia? Well i did not know that!

You said Chris, that they determine left from right, may i ask about up and down? ie head and toes? I have no idea how this is determined and now you have got me thinking!
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