What causes pain in the heart?

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What causes pain in the heart?
« on: 06/01/2010 11:30:01 »
DusĦan asked the Naked Scientists:
What does cause pain in the heart and in the arteries? Is the pain in the heart really dangerous? I am 29yo and the pain in the heart I feel almost all my life - my doctor said that it is OK, but I think that pain (whatever and wherever) signals something bad...


What do you think?
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What causes pain in the heart?
« Reply #1 on: 17/01/2010 23:23:41 »
I get pains in the chest around my heart now and then but doctors have tested and assure me that it is muscular (and since I never get the pain while exercising I tend to agree).

My guess is that if the pain is in the heart then it's probably not great and I would ask for a second opinon - unless you already have done.