Does grilling or roasting meat produce carcinogens?

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Niall Tuke asked the Naked Scientists:
I have read that cooking meat by means other than boiling produces cancer-causing agents. Man has evolved over millions of years by boiling his meat, and it is now only in later years that meat is grilled or roasted that cancer is increasing.

Is this true?

Thanks a mill.


What do you think?
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Does grilling or roasting meat produce carcinogens?
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It's true that grilling or roasting meat does produce small quantities of carcinogenic compounds.
However mankind hasn't been cooking food for all that long amd also it's easier to grill or roast meat than to boil it (you don't need a cooking pot, just a stick), so I can't see how we can be said to have evolved to eat boiled food.

The major reason that more people get cancer than used to is that we are now more likely to live long enough to get it. Cancer is relatively rare in young people and a lot more common in older people.
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