Why Does Putting Your feet In A Bowl Of Water & Mustard Help Ease A Headache ?

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See Cynthia Mylene Grain The Third here ?

Cynthia With A Headache

She's got an awful headache !...still..she heard some bloke on the radio at 3am this morning say that placing your feet in a bowl of warm water helps to ease the headache !!...surprisingly, the addition of mustard powder will help if the headache is really bad !

So, why does putting your feet in a  bowl of warm water help ease a headache ?....... and  what's so special about mustard that helps to ease the pain even more so ?

hugs and shmishes

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Vasco-constrictors are used to relieve headache ...
ergotamine (a vasoconstrictor used to control migraine)


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Why stick your feet in it if you only have to inhale the stuff for good results. Perhaps it also de-odourises smelly feet and the person who discovered it thought it would kill two birds with one stone.
Neil, stick some mustard on your cheesy feet.
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