Can anything be done to repair 'aging skin' as a result of burns?

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<font color="purple">Ever been seriously burnt?  Not much advise given, conflicting opinions from your doctors.
This happened to me, 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree burns.  All I wanted to know is 'Can anything be done for my aging look on my hands?'
At 22 I was not going to spend summer wearing joist garments, stubborn and wanting to hide from the injury. At 35, realised I went wrong! Will pressure garments work for me now?
One doctor wants more plastic surgery (presumably money?) most other doctors have never confronted burns victims and spend the appointment looking at it as a side show.
Is it too late, know anyone in this predicament? or know anything about skin.  Not interested in trying the latest fandangle creams</font id="purple">

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