Should you remove your coat when indoors?

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Martin Taylor

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Should you remove your coat when indoors?
« on: 14/01/2010 19:30:02 »
Martin Taylor  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello Chris,
My mother always told me that I should take my coat off when I am in a warm room, otherwise: "I won't feel the benefit when I go out".

Is this true?

I always feel more comfortable leaving my outer clothes when I am in a room for a short period on and storing heat prior to venturing outside.
Thank you very much for your excellent podcasts and for answering these questions.
Best regards,
Martin from Prague        

What do you think?
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Should you remove your coat when indoors?
« Reply #1 on: 15/01/2010 00:00:55 »
You trap the warmth in the air between you and your coat. And if you're inside a warm room I suspect that you will get a double benefit from the warmth surrounding your coat and the warmth you're producing yourself getting up a stronger 'heat' than if you took it off. She probably meant that if you took it off you would adapt to the warmth faster, but on the other hand you won't 'maximize' the heat as you do when keeping it on. It's dependent on how long you're inside that room naturally as if it is too short a time and you're colder inside that coat you might not come up to the warmth the room has.


Like your body is 37 degrees celcius right, even though you're not that warm at the skin level so to speak, thats how warm you might become keeping that coat on, as a guess :)
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