Can you spot the simulation?

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Can you spot the simulation?
« on: 14/01/2010 21:29:18 »
   The brain and gut are swarming with neurotransmitters. They produce our emotions. My theory is that there is an emotion corresponding to every possible quantum of reality we can be aware of. Since there are at least 50 neurotransmitters and they can each attain any analog value, and therefore can combine in an infinite variety of combinations, they can indicate any reality in a discrete manner. Sort of an emotional hash table, with each possible configuration of our senses represented by a specific combination of neurotransmitters. The parts of the brain responsible for our senses would have neurotransmitters constantly adjusting to reflect the reality we are perceiving. And of course, because of the correspondence between reality and emotion, our reality could be simulated by modulating our neurotransmitters at each site. This could be done externally by transmitting instructions to the neurotransmitter producers for each sense. There are many examples of this: hypnotized people can believe they are experiencing, for example, falling out of an airplane, drugs can produce experiences similar to dreams and as vivid or more, religious bafflegab can model ten impossible things before breakfast. Or the modulation could be done by our psychological state, much as the universe seems to exist by virtue of its observation of itself. So how do we know reality isn't just a figment of our imagination?