Why must registries be cleaned?

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Why must registries be cleaned?
« on: 18/01/2010 05:42:02 »
I recently was informed by 2 packages of software on the Internet, that my system registry was in sad shape and should be cleaned up. It appears that these registries become heavily junked with use. Question:  Why would they become junked, if the only way they are used is when the system performs takes such as adding or removing programs? Would that indicate that the system was poorly designed to begin with?


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Why must registries be cleaned?
« Reply #1 on: 18/01/2010 08:39:37 »
Unfortunately this is true; every time a piece of software is installed or modified, alterations reflecting these changes are added to the registry, which is how Windows configures itself.

The basic idea is fine but, with time and the successive installation, uninstallation, reinstallation and updating of various packages, the registry bloats in size, much of it actually redundant and some even counter-productive to current configurations; that is, some bits of it set things up one way only for another bit downstream to change things again.

Consequently the start up time inflates until it begins to take 5 minutes for the computer to start up, as was the case with mine until recently. A colleague once said, and I think correctly, that a windows-based system needs a total software rebuild on a roughly annual basis to avoid precisely this problem.

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Why must registries be cleaned?
« Reply #2 on: 18/01/2010 17:54:11 »
Microsoft will clean your Windows registry for free ... http://onecare.live.com/site/en-US/center/cleanup.htm

[Must use IE browser , and must allow pop ups for this free registry clean from Microsoft].

Click on "Clean up scan", then on "Choose a scan" , then select "Customize" and only tick "registry scan cleaner", (scroll down), all other boxes should be unchecked otherwise other time-consuming scans will be done.

[BTW Microsoft harvests data from this free registry cleanup].

If you want to defragment your Windows registry here is a free utility I've used ...

[this registry defrag utility is not made by Microsoft, it's a freebee from a company to tempt you to buy their registry cleaner, but don't bother, use the free Microsoft cleaner above ]

Click on "analyse registry", if the result is below 15% I don't bother running the "compact/defrag registry" as it doesn’t make a noticeable improvement to speed. When I first ran "analyse registry" the result was +30%, and defragging, (running the "compact/defrag registry"), produced a marked improvement in speed.

NB: You should save a backup before any modifications to the registry.
Theoretically on Windows "System Restore" should save the day if anything went wrong when the registry was modified, (if a restore point was created before modification), but I'd have back up copy of the OS on an external drive just in case.   


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Why must registries be cleaned?
« Reply #3 on: 19/01/2010 02:44:19 »
There is another way too.

Search for ' Easy recovery 6.12.02 ' + download

It's free and whenever you install a program you use that one first.
It will take a picture of how your computer looked before and then after.

If you use it to uninstall the programs as well as install them it will keep your computer clean. And when it comes to program you are suspicious about it's invaluable as it will know all places where that program places itself. It can't hide any spy or malware as it keeps an exact track on what it installs.

You can also use the 'restore points' inside Windows to back up your computer, to an earlier point of date, assuming that you use Window$ that is.

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