What's up with my lousy cell phone not answering/making calls?

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HELP!!  I've got a lousy Samsung very similar to the X660 shown below.  It sometimes gets into "moods" where it won't answer or make calls.  I suspect the problem involves its outside buttons, but I have key guard set to "on".  To make it work, I must turn it off (or remove and re-install the battery) and turn then it back on.  It has nothing to do with strength of signal or reception.  I've asked my phone company about it, and they don't know.  I thought it was my particular phone, so I got another one just like it, but it does it too.  HELP!!

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I once had a phone which crashed completely. "Green Screen of Death". I couldnt turn it off, nor do anything else.  It was a outdated software, which couldnt comply with my operator.  Perhaps its somewhat up the same alley? 
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