Do cells survive being spiked on silicon nanowires?

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Scientists have discovered a new way to expose cells to drugs and novel chemicals - spike them on silicon nanowires...

What do you think?  Read the whole story on our website by clicking here
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« Reply #1 on: 23/01/2010 23:04:19 »
That is fascinating; so you could now do things like put prions or other nucleating proteins, in known doses, into cells and see how agggregates begin to form.


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Do cells survive being spiked on silicon nanowires?
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It sounds like you could put anything in...  you might have troubles visualizing the prions individually inside the cells without killing the cells.

I worked with a neuroscience professor a few years ago that would make micro pipettes filled with saline solution and use them to do intracellular recordings from single neurons. 

I could envision an apparatus that could do intracellular recordings (as well as stimulate them) from a hundred cells at once using these nanowires  :)