Do pheromones actually attract women?

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Brandon Gerson

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Do pheromones actually attract women?
« on: 26/01/2010 16:30:03 »
Brandon Gerson asked the Naked Scientists:
I was wondering if you had any advice about pheromones?

Do pheromones actually attract women? If so what foods can I eat to generate more and have a stronger secretion from my pores?


What do you think?
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Do pheromones actually attract women?
« Reply #1 on: 24/02/2010 21:39:32 »
Well we seem to be able to recognize offspring by smell f.ex. and somewhere here I think I read that men can 'smell' when women are as most fertile? And as we guys have the duty to procreate the human race that makes sense :)

But for, ah, 'synthetics' to stimulate us?
Don't know, but if it does we haven't found the formula yet in any case. Take a look at this highly scientific Video experiment made by some of Europe's most esteemed researchers.
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