Shrinking bath foam?

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Shrinking bath foam?
« on: 30/01/2010 23:15:04 »
I went into a David Llloyds shower room and accidentally sprayed my bath foam all over the tiled wall.
The foam later on started to 'dissolve' or 'shrink' into a tinier one, and almost disappeared completely
by the time I finished my shower.

Why have they shrinked? Is it due to some kind of evaporation of liquid inside the foam, or is it something to do with the material the tile was made from, or is it to do with something completely different, like
the properties of bath foam?


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Shrinking bath foam?
« Reply #1 on: 01/03/2010 18:25:15 »
I think the foam is aerated (does it come out in bubbles, small air spaces).

If so, this air begins to diffuse into the surrounding air and makes the small bubbles collapse. The foam will reach a point where it is only comprised of the substance no air. The amount that comes out is the same as this final amount but seems more, as it is expanded (visibly) by the air.
Chances are however that this is not air but some other gas, same conditions apply.

Hope that helps.