How Does Gecky The Gecko Know That He Is Camouflaged Correctly ?

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Dearest Peeps Of Academic Wonderfun & Joyness.

As a sheepy I of course know all that there needs to know about camouflaging myself.

look, can ewe see me here ?..No, ewe can not !..only a keen sense of smell may help ewe !

Me Camouflaged Extremely Well Earlier Today

One thing I can't do (unless I use paint) is change my camouflage like Gecky The Gecko here.

He is a master of the art ...lookee see !!

Gecky Being Master Of The Art Yesterday

But how does Gecky know that he is the right colour ? does any animal capable of multiple camouflage colouration know that it is camouflaged correctly ?....Cuttle Fish are very good aren't they ?..Do they have a mirror ?
Are they able to actually look at themselves as well as the thing they are camouflaged as ?...does camouflaging themselves use up a lot of energy ?

As a firm believer in empirical study I snuk into my neighbours house at 3am this morning and subjected him to a three hour ordeal of what he thought was poltergeist fun..I was camouflaged as his bedroom wall....throwing his stuff about , banging on his wall whilst clapping his head in between cymbals brought fun, luff and merriment to us both.....and then for a finale lifting his bed up whilst he was in it and squeezing it into his shower cubicle yielded no luck there !...and yet..he should thank me for cleaning his bed !

So, can ewe help me understand the nature of why certain animals like Gecky actually know that they are the same colour as the thing they are echoing ?

whajafink ?

Hugs & shmishes

mwah mwah mwah

This Sentence Is Camouflaged

Men are the same as women, just inside out !


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I think they must be running a very early version of PaintShop.
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Ask the mimic octopus, which does impersonations*, (see @ 1:20 - 3.10 ).

[* they don't do celebrities, apart from Whoopi Goldberg  [:)] ]

You don't have to be able to see your body to adapt it to the environment,
 e.g.  Jeremy spots a babe approaching ...


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