Reproductive cloning

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Reproductive cloning
« on: 26/10/2005 23:36:04 »
Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me with my assignment. I'm currently researching the issue of reproductive cloning as part of my AS biology coursework. This requires me to investigate the many different areas of the subject and produce evidence of the arguments form different sources, one of which must be obtained from a personal contact.

If anyone would be prepared to spend a few minutes answering the questions below it would be a tremendous help.

Thank you
1.What stance do you personally take in the issue of reproductive cloning?
2. What are the reasons why you hold this view? eg the risks or benefits of reproductive cloning
3. Do you believe that human reproductive cloning should be banned whereas cloning animals for medical research is justified?
4. How do you feel about childless couples using reproductive cloning to create a child biologically related to one of the parents?


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Re: Reproductive cloning
« Reply #1 on: 29/10/2005 19:35:22 »
1.  Personally I am against routine use of reproductive cloning for humans.

2.  For three reasons;  

- reproductive cloning is less interesting than sexual reproduction (you at the back there, stop sniggering! [:)]) by which I mean that a sexually produced individual is new and unique with unknown potential whereas a clone is a combination that has already been tested.  

- widespread cloning means an end to change and therefore, eventually, to the species.

- its currently a dangerous, half understood business with a high risk of condemning the subject to a poor quality of life.

3. Yes

4.  I'm sympathetic to this idea but on the whole I think childless couples would be better off adopting an unrelated child than trying to raise copies of themselves.