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« on: 05/02/2010 01:39:45 »
      Our universe is one digitized infinite energy existing in each of the digital finite as the individual which explodes to flow in an expanse that is one through out and change through out bombarding media of space and time in continuum.
      Mathematically using the formula which expresses the relationship of Mass to Energy ;
                    E = m C²
                   m = E/ C²
                 C² = E/m
{mass ‘m’ in digital finite having  tremendous energy source in its super dense form develops itself actually (energy infinite ‘E’) to what it  always was potentially (finite ‘m’)}
               C² = E/E {obverse process in state of superimposition}
                   = E × 1/E {reversible process in creation & annihilation}
      The process of creation and dissolution of the universe as one through out and change through out making the universe to gyrate between the respective values of zero and infinity incessantly and simultaneously. C² is ‘The Scientia’ of the superluminal universal message transpondering and that again is purely an abstract ;one through out and dispersing through out . “A SCIENTIA” flowing in continuum through obverse and reverse processes in simultaneity under conditional identities exchanging between the highest lower bound and the lowest upper bound message transponders whose spatial expanse when becomes zero, the time interval becomes infinity and vice versa for creating  and annihilating the universe ! We have the mathematical equation to uncover the mystery of our universe.
C² = E/E
     = E × 1/E (‘m’ digital infinite before BigBang explosion)
     Substituting the values 0 &  ∞
If   E  = 0 Before (BingBang) explosion
0 × 1/0 =1 (IN HIBERNATION) entropy decrease to a                       
0 ×   ∞   =1                                                zero(super dense)
If E= ∞ After expansion (due to entropy increase to ∞)
∞ × 1/ ∞ =1
  ∞ × 0 =1
      Hence the equation of the life and death of the universe taking place as cyclic symmetry whose conditional identities alternating between the obverse and reverse process is as follows
      C² = E/E       = 1/E × E       =    E × 1/E        =    1
    A pure state      Of the    relationless  absolute      “scientia”      Super  impositioned    state of the  universe   obversive     Process       Reversible process   under relative absolute     ONE     A universal energy constant  that keeps the universe as one through out & transformer through out

C²     =     E/E    =     1/E × E    =     E × 1/E     = 1
= 0  × ∞         = ∞ × 0           =1
                                             (E= ∞)                   (E=0)