Is it possible Sun takes Nuclear fusion and converts it into electricity?

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Is it possible that the Sun converts nuclear fusion directly into electricity?  I have been reading an interesting article by Dr. C.E.R. Bruce who suggests that there is an electrical field around the sun.  If this true, it appears to me that it may be possible to capture this electricity for use on earth as a power source.  In another article, I have read that the Earth is a self repairing capacitor.  Since the capacitor is used to store electrical charge, It appears that we may marry the two items for a constant, replaceable source of energy.  Thanks for comments. Joe L. Ogan
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Electromagnetic processes play a big part in the way the sun moves the energy created in the nuclear fusion in the core to the surface, as well as conventional gas dynamics and gravity.  magnetic storms originating in the sun can induce large currents in transmission lines on the earth and systems have to be designed to cope with these but this energy is very sporadic and uncontrollable so it is probably unsuitable as an energy source.
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