why does the sun make us tired?

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why does the sun make us tired?
« on: 27/10/2005 21:43:36 »
A group of us went to the beach.  It was a beautiful ,warm, sunny day, but the ocean water was so cold that little swimming was done. We were all very careful to drink large amounts of fluids (and all had to urinate during the day.)
On the drive home, we were all very tired.  Why?
Dehydration was clearly not the issue.


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why does the sun make us tired?
« Reply #1 on: 26/07/2008 10:07:30 »
I think fresh air and activity makes us relax, and that in turns makes us more sleepy. At the same time, Sun exposure triggers low-level inflammation in the skin (this is the basis of a sun-tan) and the net result of all of these factors is to promote sleepiness.

That's the best suggestion I can come up with!

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