What is the WiggleZ project?

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What is the WiggleZ project?
« on: 07/02/2010 22:34:49 »
What is the WiggleZ project?  Does it have anything to do with Dark Energy?  If so, in what respect?  Thanks for comments.  Joe L. Ogan


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What is the WiggleZ project?
« Reply #1 on: 09/02/2010 00:01:39 »
The answer to your question is yes and I could have left it at that if I wished to be as terse as you.

If you wish to ask questions on rather detailed science research you should provide your own references and a brief explanation of what you already know about the subject and not expect your answerer to do all the work.

Presumably you mean the astronomical work described in this website  http://wigglez.swin.edu.au/site/
Reading through tis site will give the general reader a bit of an inkling of the complexity and detail that is involved in astronomical research these days even if it is difficult to understand all the technical terms or fully appreciate how the equipment works.

I will now go on to explain a bit more detail for the benefit of others.

A great deal of detailed astronomical and cosmological research these days is based on using computer aided telescopes and image collection and analysis to do vast statistical surveys of millions of semi automatically identifiable objects.  The survey described is using observations of large numbers of medium high red shift objects to look at their distribution in space.  They are using the fact that many galaxies radiate significantly in the Lyman alpha line.  This is the spectrum line produced when a proton takes on an electron into its final orbit in one step  to become a hydrogen atom.  The observation of these emission lines also contains information in the form of absorption lines from  other galaxies that the light has passed through on the way to being observed  (the lyman alpha forest and can yield) These observations can be analysed in several ways to learn about the development and evolution of structures in time and space this includes another independent way  of detecting the effect of dark energy.
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