?Unifying aether, spacetime, vacuum energy, superstring,, cosmologival constant?

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Unifying aether, spacetime, vacuum energy, superstring, and cosmological constant.

Aether is misconceived of as being luminiferous when in fact it is light which is luminiferous when it comes in contact with matter. Thus aether without the luminosity concept is no other than  the spacetime of Dr. Einstein. What was being frame dragged after ten years patient observation on orbit of earth around the sun is non-luminous spacetime or non-luminous  aether itself.  Vacuum energy is proposed as the skein of spacetime, thus both are one in itself. In like manner, . superstring is conceived of billion times smaller than atom as an open looped strings, conceived of to be the skein of spacetime, thus superstring is one with spacetime.. Dark energy is conceived now as skein of cosmological constant, the universal cosmological constant which is one with spacetime..

Here is a modest  unifying concept: whatever is that that occupies perfectly all of outer space is not matter, finer than fundamental particle, whatever is that has no mass,  behaves like superstring because it is elastic but is not superstring, behaves like dark energy but is much finer, is not luminiferous, it is  no mass supra-supra thin one skein, completely bonded  throughout the universe, indivisible but intersectable, and “has gravitational and electro-magnetic property”, Dr. Einstein realized that in later years.


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