A question about current situation: A Chinese student studying in Sweden

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Hi scientists,

I'm a Chinese student born in Shanghai, studying international trade for my bachelor's before. and Now I'm study economic growth for my master's here in Sweden. I like technology and I want to be a trade consultant or something for the european companies who have/want to cooperate with chinese ones since i know the language and culture and more or less the chinese market. I'd like to know how much likely it's possible and where i could start looking? I know its a british forum but any suggestions for sweden or UK or elsewhere europe would be appreciated. I like to stay here in the west very much.

Many thanks.
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EARTO looks interesting:

"EARTO is the European trade association representing over 350 Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) from across Europe."


It's technology, in Europe quiet a few companies and organisations, should be able to help you.
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