Why do we find the posterior attractive?

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Philip Young

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Why do we find the posterior attractive?
« on: 23/02/2010 12:30:02 »
Philip Young asked the Naked Scientists:
Question: I have always wondered what is the adaptive or evolutionary benefit that is responsible for both genders being aroused by bottoms (arses, butts etc)?

I am assuming it's due to our desire to recognise walking versus non walking species along with fat deposits to survive starvation as well as a woman's ability to run faster is correlated with bum size, since those that can run fast are going to have a greater chance lower competition rates between males favouring the fastest hence more muscular males as well the fastest females if caught would have less chance of being multiply inseminated.

So am I right on or right out...Butt what if I am right?

In the end I hope you know the answer as i am just guessing

What do you think?
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Why do we find the posterior attractive?
« Reply #1 on: 23/02/2010 18:39:43 »
I would think that when it comes to why women find butts attractive it is probably just as you say; but that the reason why men find butts attractive would have more to do with a woman's likelihood of successfully bearing children i.e. wider hips generally means less trouble with pregnancy.

This is just my opinion on the purely instinctual aspect, I do think social pressures and personal feelings have a large degree of influence as well.