Can we predict the reversal of earth's magnetic field?

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Tad Davison  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris,
I am a little late joining you this evening, so apologies in advance if I have missed anything that might relate to my question.
I am curious about the earth's magnetic field.  As we know, it has reversed it's polarity many times, and some maintain it is due to do so again.  That could have a drastic impact on all kinds of things, so how might we better predict its future occurrence?

What do you think?
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Can we predict the reversal of earth's magnetic field?
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It has been postulated that the magnetic field will decrease dramatically (but not to zero) prior to a reversal.  Evidence suggests that several, rather than just 2, poles will probably exist until the reversal is complete.  Suggested time frame for the complete reversal is years to thousands of years.

As to when it will happen?  Who knows?
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