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« on: 08/11/2005 21:40:24 »
Not only can it expand in the throat, but the pill can expand in the intestine and make a severe blockage, no matter how much water you drink. If you read all this stuff and really check it out they really do say DO NOT TAKE IT IN PILL FORM. I am just warning you that the longer you take these pills, the more risk you are at something like this happening. If you read any further, there are virtually no risks when you take it in the powder form. I know everyone out there is trying to ignore this and hope that its going to be ok because you need this. There are more important things than purposely endangering yourself. There are other options, like I mentioned above. Everyone be careful and always research everything, even if it takes weeks to find out something, its better then finding out too late. It took me a while to find out the hazards, because some of the places wont put the complication on their product. Some say it in a very scary way and some ignore it. Not everything natural is good for you. My suggestion is to buy these types of herbs in powder form and do not put them in caps. Mix it with something and drink it.


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Re: safety
« Reply #1 on: 08/11/2005 22:35:02 »
you need to repost this on the zeta thread,  bb031,  Thanks