What's This I Hear About A Supernova Reaching The Earth Effecting The Ozone?

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What's this news about a supernova stripping off the Earth's Ozone layer? Can this happen? If so when?

What will the effect be on atmospheric pressure...?


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 You may watch the show:

 From what I know things are pretty much 'cooled down' in our galaxy and a possible supernova explosion will be too far from us to do significant damage.
 More likely might be to be hit by a burst ray which resulted from the collision of two neutron stars.

 I do not believe there are "news about supernova ...". The burst travel at the speed of light, we will only know it after hit us. We can however predict the behaviours of a large star which can go supernova but from what I know we are at a safe distance from such stars. The timescales of such predictions however cannot be shorter than thousands of years.

 But in principle our survival as a specie depends on weather our brain will evolve fast enough and intelligent enough to save us from the next natural disaster which in time-scale of hundreds of millions of years may happen.