Heart Problem in new born

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Heart Problem in new born
« on: 24/07/2003 20:41:34 »
Today in the morning (07/27/03)my wife gave birth to our second son.(They are in India) The weight of the baby is 1.7 Kg (4 lbs).
Although the baby is active and feeding properly but doctors have found cardiac problem with the baby:
1. The heart beat is 160 instead of normal 120 per minute.
2. The size of the heart is one and half times bigger than normal.
They say the heart is not 'efficient'. Another thing they said is that generally in such cases the problem starts after 3-4 days.
Can somebody tell me what all this mean?



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Re: Heart Problem in new born
« Reply #1 on: 24/07/2003 23:15:06 »
The enlargement of the heart is usually because the heart is pumping against high pressure and gets bigger to pump harder.  Could be some problem in the lungs, a narrowing or stenosis, pulmonary stenosis.  Could be a problem in the aorta, the main artery feeding the body, a narrowing there as well.  The heart is also pumping faster to maintain a constant blood supply to the body, which apparently by just enlarging it is not able to do, so now it increases the rate as well.  I'm sure they'll be doing some studies to find out why.  Generally, if you can remove the source of the back up pressure, if it is surgically correctable, the baby should do OK.  Are the lungs normal?  Keep us posted.  I have a daughter who's a neonatal intensive care nurse.  I'll get her on the phone and grill her for the answers, but it's hard to say now without knowing the diagnosis.  The enlarged heart is only a symptom of the problem.

Saying the heart is not efficient means that even with the enlargement and increased heart rate, it is unable to adequately perfuse the body.  There are medications that can be used to dialate the blood vessels, and diurese the baby so that there is less fluid in the blood, thereby decreasing the volume of blood.  Less volume with less resistance from the blood vessels translates to less work for the heart.  It buys time till they can figure out what to do.