How can we reduce the amount of water lost through bursts and leakages?

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An estimated 32 billion cubic metres of clean water are lost through leaky pipes every year.  But there might be a solution.  A Southampton-based company have come up with a leak-stopping system that really does hold water...
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A civil engineer friend told me of one scheme that was in use a couple of decades ago: a collapsed 'tube' of pre-wetted glass-fibre was pulled through leaking drains (after they'd been emptied) and then inflated with compressed air until the resin in the GRP set, lining the drain with GRP.  However, he was at one site where this technique was being used when the 'tube' snagged and got stuck, and was still only half way through the drain when the resin went off...

They had to dig the whole lot up to get it all out.
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