I want to be an astronomer!

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I want to be an astronomer!
« on: 11/03/2010 21:30:02 »
maisiejessica asked the Naked Scientists:
I'm sure this isn't the right address to be using for such pointless e-mails, but I just had to contact the show somehow!

Since I was 9 I knew I wanted to do something involving science.

Quite what eluded me: optician, marine biologist...the list is endless.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to study Astronomy (AstroNomy, not AstroLogy I stress to my friends when they ask me what their fortune is!)

I'm nearly 15 now, and I wasn't really sure if this was the right thing for me but listening to your show has assured me that this is what I want to do.

So I guess this email is to say, thank you, and err...well done, i suppose, oh and also, i'm currently in the process of downloading your GCSE podcasts, I'm sure they're just as good :)

-- Maisie xx

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