Incessant Obsolescence Postulate ??? (A Probing Thought ?)

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Phew !!

That's a mouthful for a sheepy...'Incessant Obsolescence Postulate' refers to the postulate that should/when we launch a probe/occupied-ship to the stars that a more modern one will pass it in the future and reach the intended destination a lot sooner !!

I've often wondered this...yes..I really have !...and today I found out it has a name !!

How does this factor in when building/launching a probe etc?

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Incessant Obsolescence Postulate ??? (A Probing Thought ?)
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If the early probe just coasts most of the way then yes, it would be possible for later probes to achieve a higher velocity and overtake them.  However, if the earlier probe is something like a Bussard Ram Jet, which accelerates all of the way, until turn-over, then a later probe probably wouldn't be able to catch it unless it was able to out-accelerate and catch it before turn-over.
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