Energy state in quantum physics

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Energy state in quantum physics
« on: 16/03/2010 09:03:02 »
Please answer me this: ( to denote a distinction in particles "^" will be used) we know that in quantum physics that through entanglement  P^s becomes P^A as well as P^B [diagram=574_0] Where "A" is in the same state as "B" with reference to "S". With "A" and "B" being maintained in the same state we must assume that a change to frequency of "A"must result in the same frequency change to "B". The energy state of "P" is measured in electron volts "e". We use the formula e=(ch)/(lambda) to determine energy state. By changing the frequency of "A" we change the energy state of "B". So to  the core of my question: knowing this why can we not use entanglement ( coralation between "A" and "B") to transfer energy over infinite distance by changing frequency? The experiment requires "A" and "B"  maintained in a Penning trap and by changing the energy state of one we can change the energy state of another in doing so instantly transfer energy over an infinite distance.