Is There A Difference In The Burning Of Calories Between Treadmilling and Not

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Dearest Treadmillologists,

As a sheepy I of course enjoy my daily 4-5 miles on the treadmill.....Yep's all I think about when I wake up is how much fun I'll be having staring at a wall for an hour !

Is there a difference in how many calories I burn between the treadmill (which is motorised) and walking not on the treadmill at the same speed ? How much is that loss ?

Here are two pictures to help ewe understand the difference between being on a treadmill and not being on treadmill !..I have labelled them for your perusal delectation.



I still use the treadmill but would like to know if there is a loss involved because of the powered assistance !

Hugs & shmishes

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Sweaty Sheepy

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Oh thats a good Question and I want to say you use more musle and burn more calories without the power, as you do the whole thing on your own, BUT then I think the power may encourage as well as increase your time pent walking and even change the pace as to keep your heartrate at a higher point to burn the calories  faster.

I would be curious to the real answer...Also I wonder if your body viewing the wall burns less calories because walking the scenery is continually changing which in essence keeps your mind occupied and moving from one thing to the other and the fresh air it seems would help to burn the calories more efficiently although perhaps opening the window to better oxygenate the air for the treadmill would probably cure that eh?

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