How old is Granny?

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How old is Granny?
« on: 15/04/2010 07:28:10 »
Question of the week asked if it's possible to get a person's age. Most women will remember the day they gave birth, so your best bet is to ask your mommy. However if you're 108 years old it's likely she is no longer living. If you're Egyptian you're in luck. Then you can ask you're mummy....sorry couldn't resist. [::)]

Different people age at different rates. Further the same person will age at different rates during different times. I've heard that the aging proses slows dramatically after a about age 75 or 80. Wish we could slow it down a little earlier...25 would be good.
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How old is Granny?
« Reply #1 on: 15/04/2010 15:54:50 »
Thanks for the reply Eric - I've quoted you in the QotW thread, which you can find here: