To teleport energy? Is that possible?

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To teleport energy? Is that possible?
« on: 24/04/2010 15:15:55 »
Physicist proposes method to teleport energy. 

Now assuming that this reasoning is correct, isn't that what we have done every time we f.ex used a laser on one of them. And if the idea is correct that injecting energy at one will by necessity 'transfer' it to the other.

Would that mean that energy and the concept of 'information' is two different species? A particles spin/polarization needs a translator, sent at 'c', to be able to 'decode' if we decided to use it that way, as I understands it, meaning that we can't send information FTL.

But every time we will measure all entanglements, if this is correct, we should then find that 'new energy' at all particles entangled? And by measuring them we are also transforming that 'energy' from 'work', to 'work done' entropically, aren't we?

We use it..

Is the idea of 'information' and 'energy' the same?

Also, what happens with Conservation of energy?
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